A Buddhist Community for Students and Families

Joining our Dharma School is a great way to meet families and allow your child to learn Buddhist teaching in an interactive format. The Mission of the Tacoma Buddhist Temple’s Dharma School provides students:

  • a way to understand Jodo Shinshu teachings in a meaningful and joyful way
  • opportunities to experience and practice these teachings in their everyday life
  • an appealing and nurturing environment for students to gain acceptance within the temple community

Due to COVID-19, we continue to build community through activity-oriented classes held via Zoom. Each class is 30 minutes, bi-weekly and led by a Dharma School teacher with Rev. Koyama and the Dharma School Superintendent. Rev. Koyama begins each class with a short message and then students gather by grade. Temple teachers stay connected with families to ensure students are enjoying their time and support students in any way.

Dharma school classes: (these grade clusters are dependent on size of cohorts)
Lumbini and Prajna Class: Pre-K – 5th grade
Maitreya Class: 6th – 8th grade
Lotus Class: 9th-12th grade

Current Schedule: Zoom class held 10:45 am – 11:15 a.m. bi-weekly. Please check out the temple calendar for class schedule. 

To Join and Learn More:  Please email June Akita, Superintendent at juneakita@comcast.net.

Recent ‘Off Week’ optional classes held over Zoom included:

  • Home Obustudan: Built with kamamboko wood blocks so students can oshoko at home. 
  • Engi Project:  Students created a decorative piece which showed an example of interdependence.
  • Gingerbread House Making: Who doesn’t like to make their own gingerbread house. 
  • “Ask Sensei”:  New this year, students submit any question to sensei and he creates a video of his answers. Check out his latest answers on our temple YouTube channel.

We hope you join our Dharma School and experience our unique Tacoma Buddhist Temple Community.

Gingerbread houses