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May 15th at 10am

Mindful Meditation with Kjirsten Winters

Join us for this special class led by Kjirsten Winters, an occupational therapist, mother, artist and active a member of Tacoma Buddhist Temple since 2018. In addition to her Buddhist faith, the pursuit of mental wellness and soul growth practices led her to Kundalini Yoga that uses asanas (poses), pranayama (breathwork), mantra (chanting), sound and mudras (hand positioning) to raise energy, support the chakras and clarify the mind.

This mostly seated class will incorporate a sampling of each technique in order to get your mind ready for blissful meditation. All you will need is a comfortable place to sit (either on the floor on a cushion/ mat or in a chair). All levels are welcome, and accommodations can always be made. There will be a brief introduction to the methods, a physical warm up and an 11-minute meditation plus quiet sitting. Time will also be allotted for discussion and/or questions. This class is intended to leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Kjirsten Winters


Everyday Nature: Floral Design Demonstration with Les Hitsman

Learn how to use found greens, florals, wood and other natural objects from your garden to create an arrangement for your home.

For many years temple member Les Hitsman has arranged the flowers for our onaijin every week and takes care of other floral needs and fundraisers in the temple. He’s an avid gardener and enjoys seeing the beauty in everyday objects. With a creative eye and a personal passion, learn from Les simple things to use and do to create a beautiful arrangement.

Stay tuned for registration information on our website and email sign ups.

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Les Hitsman floral arrangements