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'The Buddhist Way of Giving Thanks'
Rev. Shinjun Masayuki Fukuma

I would like to talk about the Buddhist way of giving thanks. In Buddhism there is no special day to do this.

Last year was my first experience of Thanksgiving Day . My family was invited to Mr. Bob san's house for a Thanksgiving dinner and we had a feast of turkey and many delicious foods. This was the first time I had turkey meat and I felt it was richer than the chicken meat. I really enjoyed it. It was so good that I overate.

My conception of various meats has increased tremendously since I came to United States. I came from Hagi which is on the Japan Sea side of Honshu right on the sea, so naturally our main meat is fish. I am planning to start my diet in December so that I could enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving . But coming soon are Christmas and Oshogatu season.

Talking of dieting , the first Teaching Sakyamuni Buddha gave to the people was " Life is suffering. " Suffering in Buddhism means life does not go smoothly . In Buddhism they talk about 8 kinds of suffering and one of the thing that is mentioned is suffering caused by form or body . Of course the need for dieting comes because we eat too much food and food that is too rich . We know that it is bad but we cannot control our desire.

In Jodo Shinshu before each meal we put our hands together and say Itadakimasu and at the end of the meal we repeat the action but say Gochisosama . Itadakimasu is to put things above your head, an action to show your gratitude. Gochisosama literally means "Run around," which is your expression of gratitude for all the people who had to run around to provide for the food . Itadakimasu means we are receiving the life of whatever foods that are in front of us. The cows, the pigs, the fishes, the vegetables, the fruits, and the spices were all living things . We humans cannot live without the sacrifice of various living things . The human race is part of the great Nature . We gather food from nature by hunting , farming and raising livestock .

When I was young , I used to hear the elderly people talk to the vegetables, cows and horses . I thought "Why are they talking to the vegetables , cows and horses? What a strange thing to do."

The farmers’ lives are touching nature every day , so they feel the blessings of nature very strongly .

We tend to look at food articles just like some other merchandise and forget that they were a living thing that we need to sustain our lives . When we say Itadakimasu before the meal, I would like you to remember that we are expressing our gratitude to all lives that support us. Moreover, we receive many other benefits from nature outside of food .

The two important Teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha are impermanence and interdependence .One of the expression the we use is Okagesama. Okagesama means "due to your shadow. " Between the light source and yourself there must be something in between to cast the shadow .

In Buddhism that something is many things that we cannot see or feel that are supporting us. So Okagesama is the word to recognize and express our gratitude to these supporting things .

Sakyamuni Buddha said, "Ittusai Shujou Sitsuu Buttushou" which means all living things have the possibility of becoming a Buddha . Buddha means enlightened person and it does not mean that he is a deity. Also he said "Soumoku-kokudo Shitukai-joubutsu," which means the glass, the tree, and all the countries can become Buddha . Remembering these words of Syakamuni Buddha , we would like to express our gratitude to nature .

Especially, we who follow the Nembutsu Teaching must not forget this feelings of Okagesama in leading the Nembutsu way of life . Every day is Thanksgiving for Buddhists.