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We Welcome You

The Tacoma Buddhist Temple offers you an enduring community
valuing inclusiveness and acceptance
in seeking enlightenment
through Japanese Shin Buddhist teachings.

Tacoma Buddhist Temple
Tacoma Buddhist Temple’s Food & Craft Bazaar 2019
Pre-order Menu. Orders may need to be reheated.
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl9.00 USD
Unagi Bowl10.00 USD(teriyaki eel over rice)
Tofu Bowl8.00 USD
Beef Curry9.00 USD
Chow Mein8.00 USD
Spam Musubi3.00 USD
Daifuku Mochi7.00 USD(5 pieces)
Yaki Manju7.00 USD(mixed plate)
Pie Slice - Apple4.00 USD
Pie Slice - Strawberry-Rhubarb4.00 USD
Pie Slice - Mixed Berry4.00 USD
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Please join us

All are welcome to attend our Sunday services. These services are your opportunity to join us to deepen your connection to The Buddha and to our religious community, known as the Sangha.

Services usually start at 10am. You can check our temple’s calendar for the current schedule.

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